The Womanizer: My New Plastic, Fantastic Lover

By A.C. Rose

OMG, I got a new lover — The Womanizer by epi24.

This is is BEST sex toy ever. It is lightweight and quiet, and creates the feel of multiple tongue strokes with a unique sucking motion and makes you orgasm within two or three minutes (or sooner, for some).

There is no wear and tear on the hands, fingers, or the body. Instant, intense orgasm is yours. Seriously LOVE this toy. It is actually the only one I own!

Recommend you keep it handy when reading hot books. Or anytime you need a quicky.  But not a bad thing to use in the boudoir with your honey when his/her mouth or hands need a little time out. Just beware: Your lover may get jealous of the superpowers contained in The Womanizer. It’s that close to the feel of a human and that good!

I always say, a man lights up like a match and a woman heats up like an oven. Sex research has shown us time and again that a man can orgasm in two or three minutes (or less) and a women takes at least 14-28 minutes, and likely more.

The Womanizer turns the orgasm stats in a woman’s favor. You do not even need any foreplay or fantasy for it to work. It just does it’s thing!

The toy is very smooth and comfortable to hold in your hand. It is also elegant-looking, and comes in pretty colors, with a protective and nice-looking carrying case.


Here are some details from the makers of The Womanizer:

The indirect clitoral stimulator uses PleasureAir Technology to deliver an entirely new type of stimulation that has women going from zero to 60, safely, and often multiple times.

It’s comparable to receiving oral sex from a skilled partner. At its lowest intensity, it feels like gentle kisses against the clitoris. Add a little more power and the sensation gets stronger.

There are 9 Available Styles: Black/Leopard, Pink/Leopard, Blue/Croc, Pink/Croc, Black/Tattoo, Red/Roses, Pink/Pink Swarovski Crystals, Pink/White Swarovski Crystals, Black/Leopard Print Swarovski Crystals

Key Features:

– PleasureAir touchless stimulation produces fast, often multiple orgasms

– 5 adjustable levels of intensity

– Exchangeable easy to clean silicon stimulation head

– USB Rechargeable lithium ion battery

– Zipper Travel Case

*Based on a sampling size of 100 women, 50% orgasm in 60 seconds or less, 80% orgasm between 2-3 minutes, and three-fourths experienced multiple orgasms.

(I heard it was invented and tested by a hubby and wife team who worked together to perfect it. They did a good job!)

My final thoughts:

Full disclosure: The Womanizer folks provided the the product so I could test-drive it. I had never heard of anything like it so I was curious to see how it worked. I truly love it. And recommend it.

Make sure you use a little lubricant because the “pleasure air” can make things a little dry without it. Still a good feeling all around.

As with anything else, you can ask your doctor if this is the right item for you–if your dare. Also, make sure you read the instruction booklet that comes with The Womanizer and keep it clean per instructions.

It’s a pricier orgasm aid than your finger or some of the other items on the market, but worth it.

One of the things I love about it is if you position it correctly just over the clitoris, it does the job without having to move your hands, or rub, or work too hard. You don’t have to work at all for your orgasms, in fact.

They come in lots of colors and styles, from Leopard to Black Tattoo (below). Get yours here:



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