Why I Wrote A Book About A Virgin Student and a Hot Professor

By A.C. Rose

As some of you already know, I tend to write romance books that are based on real life experience. And I must admit that I once fell for my professor, and that steamy love story gave me inspiration for my sweet and steamy romance book, STAY AFTER CLASS.

i'm a virgin white

And yes, he was super hot. And the fact that HE wanted ME was just about the coolest thing ever. I felt wanted and chosen. I felt adult.  But most significantly, he truly did teach me about making love. He pushed me to open up, become the woman I was meant to be.

I was younger and he was older. Even though I was of age, it was the sweetest taboo of it all. He was single but it had no place to go at the time because I still had a lotta livin’ to do.

I recently looked at a photo of young me as a college student at that time and I could not believe how young I looked. So innocent looking, I almost could not believe I was sexing it up with my hot professor after class and on weekends.

Suddenly I thought, maybe he was a little inappropriate in sweeping me off my feet but then I remembered, I was kind of an old soul, and we were like super magnets, attracted to each other so hard.

I was no virgin. But I still had a lot to learn at that age.

I have not been a virgin for a really — really, really — long time.

And therein was the challenge that inspired me to create Amanda Slade. She’s innocent and inexperienced, and a little slow about sex stuff and men stuff, but I was there once.

She’s truly learning it all as she goes along. But she has an awesome teacher, willing to spend time on lessons in lovemaking.

This character took me all the way back to my first kiss. And my first bj. And my first everything. And all the awkward girly feelings that came with it.

I made Amanda 21 going on 22 and someone who uses her noggin to make decisions. And I made Jem so delicious that it made me want to go back to college.

And I gave them a happy ending. Maybe it was the happy ending I wished for at the time.

So here’s to the young virgins in us all. Our youthful, innocent selves, landing the hottest guy at school, who teaches us all about love.

Hope you enjoy my tale of the virgin and the professor. And hope you feel 21 again!

Thanks for reading!

What was your most taboo love affair?




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