‘Hero Undercover’ is LIVE and it’s HOT

By A.C. Rose

I cannot wait for you to meet my new, panty-melting alpha hero with a heart, Detective Hercules. Sigh.

He’s featured in the new HERO UNDERCOVER Box Set. I am joining with 24 other authors to bring this exciting collection of hot heroes your way. This sizzling compilation includes military masters, determined detectives, and rope twirling cowboys. It’s great beach reading for anyone who likes sexy, commanding alpha males.

Proceeds go to two charities that aid real police heroes and families ― Cop Line and National Law Enforcement Officer’s Memorial Fund.

Order the book now to lock in the low price of 99 cents — for all 25 books! It goes up to $6.99 soon. It’s available on Apple/iBooks, Barnes and Noble and Amazon.


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The 25 books and authors int this tantalizing collection also includes:

Detective Hercules by A.C. Rose
Detective Hercules Andrews and drive time radio dating expert Lizzy Harper bond over their respective injuries. When she reveals details about the super hot cop on her show, a New York City controversy of epic proportion ensues and he’s forced to go undercover – as her boyfriend.

A Taste for Red by Piper Stone
Tempers flare when Private Investigator Shanna Jacobs and cowboy detective Cody Walker are forced to work on a wine fraud case, but their hot attraction is undeniable. The case moves into dangerous territory when the key players aren’t what they seem, but if Cody and Shanna can solve the case, will they put their pride aside and let their passion take hold?

Justice, Roughly by Amelia Smarts
An undercover deputy must decide where his loyalties lie–with the law or with the beautiful criminal who rescues him.
The Strategy of Love by Alyssa Bailey
Part time photographic Journalist and benevolent worker Kayla Rhea was not haunted by the memory of her kidnappers but of her rescuer and his admonition. Ex-Army Major Hunter Barrett, settled in his civilian life, is now on a mission to claim the woman of his dreams or purge her from his life forever.

The Arms I Run To by Stevie MacFarlane
Can a woman be too smart for her own good?  Apparently, for when Joy Bradley takes a position she’s overqualified for, she soon finds herself up to her neck in trouble.

Uncharted Waters by Maisy Archer
An undercover protection detail aboard a luxury cruise ship seems like just the kind of easy, straightforward assignment Lucas needs … Until he learns that the client he’s tasked with protecting is the one beautiful, headstrong, infuriating woman he’s never been able to get out of his mind.
The Ranger’s Shotgun Bride by Maddie Taylor
Having fallen hard for her father’s hired man, Amelia is crushed when she learns he’s behind a string of stagecoach robberies.  When she takes matters into her own hands, and goes after the bandits herself, she learns things aren’t always what they seem.

Revenge Served Hot by Sophie Kisker
My name is Livvi, and for the next thirteen months I’ll be on my knees, paying off my father’s debts, owned by a man who seeks to destroy me. My life looks painfully short, until a man with a dark past offers to rescue me – but only at a price I’m terrified to pay.

The Mercenary’s Girl by Emily Tilton
CIA operative Jack Regensburg would have had enough trouble taking down mercenary kingpin Sir Jeffrey Young even if he hadn’t fallen helplessly in love with one of Sir Jeffrey’s captive girls, the lovely young Tess Roberts. When Sir Jeffrey decides that Jack, undercover as a bodyguard, must punish Tess in a new and extremely humiliating way, Jack must act, but will he be able to save Tess from Sir Jeffrey’s fury without putting his cover, and the crucial operation, at grave risk?

Cherry on Top by Katherine Deane
What do you get when you combine a sassy, curvy baker, her overprotective brother, his hot Army best friend, a crazy stalker, sexual chemistry hot enough to bake a chocolate cake, and nuns? The kinky spankings Cherry has always desired, a bit of Daddy talk Jacob loves, and a recipe ending with a Happily Ever After–and a Cherry on Top.

Saving Sarah by BJ Wane
When Sarah Thompson goes husband hunting at a local night club, she attracts the attention of a serial GHB rapist.  Police Chief Travis Nolan intends to be the man in Sarah’s bed and won’t let anything stand in his way, including Sarah’s stubborn tenacity.

The Honey Trap by Lucy Wild
Nate – I went undercover to get the place shut down. Not to fall for her…
Kathryn – It was just a job. Until he arrived.
The Scarlet Stiletto by Maggie Carpenter
1940’s Murder Mystery.
A frantic but beautiful woman bursts into the office of a roguishly handsome detective and begs him for help, claiming she found her red stiletto at the scene of her husband’s murder. The sexy seductive siren with kiss-me-now lips is hard to resist, but he quickly discovers there are gaping holes in her story.

The Russian by Renee Rose
Yuri – I don’t care if I get whacked by the mob or fired from the FBI. I can’t stay away from her. And there’s no way I’m letting her get hurt. Hell, if any of them touch her, I’ll blow my cover in a second.

A Thief for the Duke by Megan Michaels
Rescuing a thieving beauty from the prospect of prison, the Duke of Norfolk has taken on the role of Headmaster for a School for Wayward Women under the guise of reforming the waif into a lady of society. Will it be she who is reformed, or will it be he who is changed in the process?

Tamara’s Choice by Trent Evans
Assigned to infiltrate the shadowy Dominion Trust, a vice cop on deep cover visits the lurid, penitential installation known as The Farm.
But to rescue one of the beautiful inmates from her sentence of sexual slavery, he must save something else first — himself.

Slave for a Day: an Idan and Svali novella by Jane Henry
When Svali’s sister is taken hostage on a foreign planet, Svali and her fierce warrior husband are eager to undertake the rescue mission. Neither Svali nor Idan anticipated their job would mean masquerading as master and slave…. nor how very erotic the venture could be.

Testimony by Maggie Ryan
Vows–hers to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth–his to protect the witness with his very life. But when both are up against pure evil, what will the ultimate price of justice be?

Her Protector by Annabel Joseph
Rowan Park works in a secret, hyper-secure area of the government, defending the homeland from malicious hacking attacks. When a kidnapping attempt threatens her life, she’s forced to seek shelter–and comfort–in an unexpected protector’s arms.

Monster by Jennifer Bene
Cold, ruthless, vicious… I’m Paulo García’s monster, and I’d swallowed that bitter pill whole, learned to deal with it — until Nicky. I know I should try to help her, protect her, but then who will save her from me?

Her Undercover Doms by Anya Summers
Sherry can’t believe her luck, she followed a Dom to the Bahamas only to have him fall for another submissive, and to make matters worse, that same Dom has issued her an ultimatum, either submit to the handsome Doms Patrick and Nick to become a better sub or leave the island. Will the two undercover CIA Agents convince the gorgeous beauty that she is the submissive for them or will their undercover investigation tear them apart?
A Night by my Fire by Addison Cain
The risk River had taken saving a stranger bigger than a linebacker and as grateful as a psychopath put her in a bad position. Someone had left him to die… and good men didn’t get dumped in the cold.

The Officer’s Little Girl by Meredith O’Reilly
Adam is assigned to go undercover at ‘The Little Resort’ and take down the owner who has been selling illegal drugs. He gets partnered to be Chloe’s Daddy and ends up falling head over heels in love for his little girl.

Pandora and the Pool Guy by April Hill
Forced to enter the Witness Protection Program, Pandora finds a mutual attraction with the pool guy. But is he really just the handyman next door?

In Too Deep by Claire Conrad
One chance encounter is all it takes for hard-ass undercover agent Jace Montgomery to fall in love. When the woman who stole his heart is taken hostage, he’ll destroy anything and everything in his way to save her.

Order Hero Undercover

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Excerpt: ‘Monster’ by Jennifer Bene in HERO UNDERCOVER

I am excited to introduce you to Jennifer Bene, another great author from the HERO UNDERCOVER Box Set. We are so excited for all of you to read this exciting, sizzling collection of 25 alpha heroes on June 27. You can preorder for only 99 cents!

Apple/iBooks: https://goo.gl/3isT1a
Barnes & Noble https://goo.gl/k9SsOR
Amazon http://amzn.to/2rbmH63

Jennifer is an international bestselling author of erotic romance. She’s had #1 top-selling books in BDSM, Suspense, Thrillers, Action & Adventure, Fantasy, Science Fiction, and Horror. While she’s been writing for years, it’s always been the dark stuff that makes her tingly, so her books are full of aggressive alpha males, feisty women who may or may not have a submissive streak, and intense, psychological storylines. She says not to worry, though: She also insists on having a nice little happily-ever-after! Because without the dark, we’d never appreciate the light.



Guest Post By Jennifer Bene

Cold, ruthless, vicious… I’m Paulo García’s monster, and I’d swallowed that bitter pill whole, learned to deal with it — until Nicky. I know I should try to help her, protect her, but then who will save her from me?

Excerpt: Monster by Jennifer Bene

The boys opened the front door, and Paulo strolled into the sitting room, making his way to the wet bar. One of the most violent drug lords ever to come out of South America, and he looked like he was on vacation with his casual clothes, his falsely friendly demeanor. My grip on the tequila bottle tensed as I stared at the man, but I made sure my expression was blank. It didn’t matter how much I hated him, I was his until the job was done.

“Not curious about the girl, Andre?” Paulo asked, tilting up his fresh drink to take a sip.

“Why should I be curious when I can get the play by play just from listening?”

“Well, José seems to think she’s a security risk.”

“If you need her handled, I’ll do it, jefe. Otherwise, I see plenty of ass walking around Miami.” I stayed still. Discussing shit like this was practically second nature now.

Paulo chuckled, leaning back with his elbows on the bar. “That’s what I like about you, Andre. Cold as ice.” He waved his drink at the men crowding the front door where a buzz of conversation had picked up. “The others are so hot tempered, they don’t think. You think.”

“Emotion clouds judgment.”

“You’re right. My father used to say… mata a tu corazón, o te matará. Do you know this phrase?”

I hadn’t heard it before, but I knew what it meant, and it fit Paulo perfectly. “Kill your heart, or it will kill you.”

A shark’s grin spread across Paulo’s features. “Exactly. Emotion makes you weak, and weakness is death.”

“Your father was a smart man,” I answered, voice on automatic, but the words were almost overridden by the feminine shout that came from the front door.

“Are you in there Paulo García? HUH?”

The man’s eyebrows lifted the tiniest fraction, his chilling smile not shifting. “Let her in, José.”

“Keep your hands off me.” The blonde that stumbled into the room from the foyer was clad in shorts and a form fitting blue shirt that had some phrase across it in pale, swirling text. Male laughter followed her, and I forced myself to be still, not even breathing so I wouldn’t move.

She was definitely American, and beautiful, and as I turned my eyes back to Paulo I knew the man smelled blood in the water. A wicked hunger waking up in those coal black eyes — the same hunger that I hated myself for feeling. “Hola, señorita. What can I do for you?”

“Do for me?” Her voice was practically boiling with rage, tanned cheeks flushing with it as she held out a thick envelope. “How about leaving my little brother the fuck alone? I’ve got your money, and I want you to take it and then never fucking speak to him again — any of you! That is what you can do for me, asshole.”

Marco and Diego started laughing behind her, amused by her little outburst as they looked over her curves, her strong legs, all the way down to the multi-colored running shoes on her feet. Even Paulo seemed vaguely amused as he spread his arms wide. “I have no idea who your brother is, belleza, but if he owes me money that was his choice.”

“Fuck you! I know you hurt Chris, threatened him, but this is it. Take your money, and get out of his life!” She shook the envelope again, shouting, and my c–k twitched at the same moment my stomach dropped.

Brave and stupid. Paulo was going to eat her alive.

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Excerpt: Detective Hercules by A.C. Rose in HERO UNDERCOVER

I cannot wait for you to meet my new alpha hero with a heart, Detective Hercules. He’s coming soon in the new HERO UNDERCOVER Box Set. I am joining with 24 other authors to bring this exciting collection of hot heroes your way. Pre-order now to lock in the low price of 99 cents — for all 25 books!

Apple/iBooks: https://goo.gl/3isT1a
Barnes & Noble https://goo.gl/k9SsOR
Amazon http://amzn.to/2rbmH63


Detective Hercules in HERO UNDERCOVER

Detective Hercules in HERO UNDERCOVER. Pre-order now.


By A.C. Rose

Detective “Herc” Hercules Anderson is working the desk, and answering phones in his Manhattan police precinct. Due to a hand injury, he’s been pulled off his undercover assignment and he’s more than a little disappointed and bored to be on paperwork detail.

All of that changes, when early one morning he takes a call from a woman with a sultry, sexy voice who needs assistance. Not the standard call he is used to―she needs first-aid advice for a possible broken toe. During their conversation, something pulls him in. He gives her advice and arranges medical care for her, instead of referring her to 911.

Lizzy Harper, a radio dating expert with a hyper-sexual drive-time show, is taken aback by her feelings for the detective who helped her. Details of her experience with him become the talk of her show the following morning and the NYPD is not pleased.

Herc, to save the department embarrassment and protect his job, must go undercover as Lizzy’s boyfriend to ease the media uproar. During this undercover assignment, he discovers Lizzy has more than just fans of the show, someone has a sinister motive. He makes a pledge to protect her. During their time together they find that their phone meeting may be karma, as the sparks between them start to fly.

Can Herc uncover the threat and keep Lizzy safe? Will he still have a job when the assignment is over? Will Herc’s undercover assignment become personal and permanent?

Publisher’s Note: This fun romance is intended for adults only. It contains elements of adult language and sexual scenes. If any of these elements offend you, please do not purchase.


First Meeting: Lizzy and Det. Hercules

From Detective Hercules by A.C. Rose in HERO UNDERCOVER

The evening doorman, Bill, buzzed up and I limped to the door.

Nervous excitement fluttered in my stomach in anticipation of our first glance. Maybe our chats this morning were foreplay and this night would result in an epic radio tale about sex between two people on the injured list.

And now, for an episode of The Broken and The Beautiful.

When I opened the door, it was clear that Detective Herc Andrews was truly hot and handsome, as promised by the ER nurse. His body… crazy hot. Tall and lean with broad shoulder and chest, I was mesmerized by his larger-than-life muscles and the way his arms generously filled out the sleeves of his shirt. She didn’t tell me about those blue eyes though. They were sapphire like the Aegean Sea and sparkled beneath the light. Damn.

My ovaries exploded. It was lust at first sight.

He stood in my doorway and smiled, revealing beautiful, straight white teeth.

“Well, hello there, detective.” I went for friendly and enthusiastic but a part of me immediately wanted to mount him. He’d barely gotten in the door and the energy was already sizzling.

“And hello to you, Ms. Harper.” His voice was even deeper and sexier in person. It emanated from a pair of beautifully formed lips that fit perfectly with his square jaw.

He bent down and kissed me on the cheek as if I were a long-time friend. He smelled so good, in a fresh from the shower, I-am-pure-male kind of way. My flesh vibrated from the touch of his lips. I raised my hand went up to my cheek by instinct, to feel the warmth spreading through my face.

“Yankees, huh?” He grinned wide as he lightly tapped a finger to the rim of my baseball cap. “That’s a good omen. So, how’s the patient?”

“Ready for some of that pain relief you mentioned earlier,” I said, eying the bottle he was carrying. He handed it to me and graciously took it back when he realized I couldn’t manage to walk with crutches and carry wine at the same time. He waited for me to invite him in―a gentleman―and then stood back and motioned for me to go ahead in front of him.

As I hobbled forward and he followed me down the hallway, deeper into the apartment, an exciting energy filled the space between us. I felt his eyes on my ass. Oh yeah, he is checking me out!

“Nice crutches,” he commented with a laugh.

” Height of fashion,” I said, turning back to him. “I asked for blue, in honor of the NYPD, but no luck.”

It was then I noticed his tight jeans and the way his form-fitting, button-down, royal blue shirt, offset his ocean blue eyes. His broad shoulders and tall frame filled my hallway. And he was easily a foot taller than.

He moved with command and confidence. I caught sight of the splint on the thumb of his left hand. Ah, he was telling the truth. It’s not that his thought he was lying, it just seemed like such an odd coincidence that my broken toe led me to connect with a cop with a broken thumb that I needed to see it to believe it.

Coming soon. 25 Heroes. 25 Authors. 25 new book. Only 99 cents if you preorder now.

Apple/iBooks: https://goo.gl/3isT1a
Barnes & Noble https://goo.gl/k9SsOR
Amazon http://amzn.to/2rbmH63

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Excerpt: ‘The Scarlet Stiletto’ By Maggie Carpenter from HERO UNDERCOVER

So happy to share this excerpt from The Scarlet Stiletto by my colleague Maggie Carpenter. Maggie and I — and twenty-three other authors — have books in the HERO UNDERCOVER Box Set. We are so excited for all of you to read this exciting, sizzling collection of 25 alpha heroes on June 27. You can preorder for only 99 cents!

Apple/iBooks: https://goo.gl/3isT1a
Barnes & Noble https://goo.gl/k9SsOR
Amazon https://goo.gl/kg8LQY

Here’s a taste while you wait.

Scarlette Stilletto


Guest Post by Maggie Carpenter

Ruby Rose is in trouble. Terrible trouble. Her much older and wealthy husband Al Rogan is lying on the floor in their home. His skull is caved in, hit with the fireplace poker. Now the tall leggy knock-out blonde has to seek help from a man she’s never met, Patrick McGuire.

Patrick, a former cop turned private investigator, kicks his feet up on his desk and pulls his hat over his eyes, but his respite is abruptly interrupted when he hears the seductive clicking of a woman’s high-heels.

Though he loves the sound he’s in no mood for another housewife seeking a detective to spy on her cheating husband, and grudgingly opening his eyes, he is shocked to see a beautiful, blonde, willowy babe, with undeniably kiss-me-now lips coated in crimson lipstick.

Patrick is intrigued, confounded, and inexorably attracted to her, but why didn’t she go the police? Was it possible the gorgeous gal could be the culprit?

Rich memorable characters star in this riveting whodunnit romance. Twists, turns and hot sex will keep you turning the pages, and the suspense and intrigue will keep you guessing until the very last chapter.


EXCERPT from The Scarlet Stiletto:

His hand began smoothing itself over her curves, and she closed her eyes, luxuriating in the comforting attention. It was divine, and she found herself wishing his touch was on her skin. A second sigh washed over her, and it was only a minute or two later that he kicked off his shoes, laid back, and brought her into his arms.

“I shouldn’t ask you this,” she murmured as she settled against him.

“You can ask me anything.”

“No, it’s wrong.”

“Why don’t you let me be the judge of that? If it is I can always spank you again.”

“This isn’t funny.”

“I wasn’t joking.”

“You’ll think badly of me.”

“Is this a female thing?”

“What does that mean?”

“Yep, it’s a female thing. Ruby, baby, you want to ask me, so ask. I won’t walk out the door, I promise.”

“Will you stay with me?” she whispered. “I know it’s wrong, but I don’t want to sleep alone.”

Her urgent request didn’t surprise him. She’d endured a harrowing ordeal and she was still scared, and the spanking had created a unique intimacy between them.

“Sure, and I’ll do my best to behave, though I can’t promise.”

“You don’t think I’m a bad person for asking?”

“Not at all. This isn’t Victorian England. It’s 1938 and we’re in New York. Besides, I’ll sleep better knowing you’re next to me.”

“I need to take a bath, or a shower, or something.”

“Go ahead.”

“I don’t want to leave.”

“I promise I’ll be here when you get back.”

“I can’t believe you just spanked me.”

“Why? Wasn’t it hard enough? Isn’t your backside stinging?”

“You know I didn’t mean that.”

“Was it so terrible?”

“Uh, no, it wasn’t terrible at all, it was…”

“Can’t find the words?”

“It’s not easy. It’s strange. I feel better.”

“I know, baby. That’s how it works.”

She yawned, then let out a long breath.

“I can’t do it. I have enough energy to change, but not to take a bath.”

“I’ll go into my room and come back in five minutes.”

“Thanks, Patrick. You can be such a gentleman.”

“Hey, I’m doing it for me. If I watched you take your clothes off I don’t think I could control myself.”

He started to move off the bed, but she grabbed his arm.


“I need to tell you something.”

“Another female thing.”


“Fellas, if they wanna ask something, they just ask, and if they wanna tell a guy something, they tell him. Females, they start with, can I ask you, or can I tell you?”

“Never mind,” she muttered, releasing his arm and flopping back on a pillow.

“You sure look good when you pout.”

“And you sure know how to kill a girl’s mood.”

“Tell me, go on, tell me what’s on your mind, or do I have to—”

“Don’t you dare say it!”

“Then tell me.”

“I’m really glad I came to see you, I’m really glad about, uh, everything.”

“Even your warm backside?”

“I can’t believe I’m saying this, but yeah, even that.”

He paused, but only for a moment, then leaning over her, he grabbed her wrists and pinned them on either side of her head.

“Your warm backside is just the beginning!”

Panty melting

HERO UNDERCOVER – 25 Amazing Authors– 99 cents –here are the links for the Pre-Order. It’s going up after publication.

Apple/iBooks: https://goo.gl/3isT1a
Barnes & Noble https://goo.gl/k9SsOR
Amazon https://goo.gl/kg8LQY

Pre-order ‘Hero Undercover’ for a Hot, Hot, Hot Summer Read

I am so excited to be part of this collection, Hero Undercover: 25 Undercover Romances.

You can read my story, Detective Hercules, one of many hot, sexy heroes in the book.

Hero Undercover: 25 Undercover Romances will be live June 27, 2017 but if ou pre-order now you can lock in the low price of 99 cents.





25 New York Times, USA Today, and award-winning best-selling romance authors offer this sizzling compilation of panty-melting undercover bad boys, from swoon-worthy cowboys and alpha military men to deliciously decadent dominants. This smoking-hot collection features a wide array of stories including dark fantasies, seductive sci-fi, and erotic BDSM, all with the sweet happily-ever-afters you crave!

Hundreds of pages for one unbeatable price. Turn up the AC, lie back, and escape into these brand new, red hot riveting reads.

Authors include:  Annabel Joseph, Addison Cain, Renee Rose, Maggie Ryan, Maddie Taylor, Emily Tilton, Trent Evans, Jennifer Bene, Jane Henry, Sophie Kisker, Megan Michaels, Katherine Deane, Maggie Carpenter, Maisy Archer, Alyssa Bailey, Claire Conrad, Stevie MacFarlane, Piper Stone, Anya Summers, Lucy Wild, BJ Wane, A.C. Rose, April Hill, Amelia Smarts, Meredith O’Reilly.