Excerpt: Detective Hercules by A.C. Rose in HERO UNDERCOVER

I cannot wait for you to meet my new alpha hero with a heart, Detective Hercules. He’s coming soon in the new HERO UNDERCOVER Box Set. I am joining with 24 other authors to bring this exciting collection of hot heroes your way. Pre-order now to lock in the low price of 99 cents — for all 25 books!

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Detective Hercules in HERO UNDERCOVER

Detective Hercules in HERO UNDERCOVER. Pre-order now.


By A.C. Rose

Detective “Herc” Hercules Anderson is working the desk, and answering phones in his Manhattan police precinct. Due to a hand injury, he’s been pulled off his undercover assignment and he’s more than a little disappointed and bored to be on paperwork detail.

All of that changes, when early one morning he takes a call from a woman with a sultry, sexy voice who needs assistance. Not the standard call he is used to―she needs first-aid advice for a possible broken toe. During their conversation, something pulls him in. He gives her advice and arranges medical care for her, instead of referring her to 911.

Lizzy Harper, a radio dating expert with a hyper-sexual drive-time show, is taken aback by her feelings for the detective who helped her. Details of her experience with him become the talk of her show the following morning and the NYPD is not pleased.

Herc, to save the department embarrassment and protect his job, must go undercover as Lizzy’s boyfriend to ease the media uproar. During this undercover assignment, he discovers Lizzy has more than just fans of the show, someone has a sinister motive. He makes a pledge to protect her. During their time together they find that their phone meeting may be karma, as the sparks between them start to fly.

Can Herc uncover the threat and keep Lizzy safe? Will he still have a job when the assignment is over? Will Herc’s undercover assignment become personal and permanent?

Publisher’s Note: This fun romance is intended for adults only. It contains elements of adult language and sexual scenes. If any of these elements offend you, please do not purchase.


First Meeting: Lizzy and Det. Hercules

From Detective Hercules by A.C. Rose in HERO UNDERCOVER

The evening doorman, Bill, buzzed up and I limped to the door.

Nervous excitement fluttered in my stomach in anticipation of our first glance. Maybe our chats this morning were foreplay and this night would result in an epic radio tale about sex between two people on the injured list.

And now, for an episode of The Broken and The Beautiful.

When I opened the door, it was clear that Detective Herc Andrews was truly hot and handsome, as promised by the ER nurse. His body… crazy hot. Tall and lean with broad shoulder and chest, I was mesmerized by his larger-than-life muscles and the way his arms generously filled out the sleeves of his shirt. She didn’t tell me about those blue eyes though. They were sapphire like the Aegean Sea and sparkled beneath the light. Damn.

My ovaries exploded. It was lust at first sight.

He stood in my doorway and smiled, revealing beautiful, straight white teeth.

“Well, hello there, detective.” I went for friendly and enthusiastic but a part of me immediately wanted to mount him. He’d barely gotten in the door and the energy was already sizzling.

“And hello to you, Ms. Harper.” His voice was even deeper and sexier in person. It emanated from a pair of beautifully formed lips that fit perfectly with his square jaw.

He bent down and kissed me on the cheek as if I were a long-time friend. He smelled so good, in a fresh from the shower, I-am-pure-male kind of way. My flesh vibrated from the touch of his lips. I raised my hand went up to my cheek by instinct, to feel the warmth spreading through my face.

“Yankees, huh?” He grinned wide as he lightly tapped a finger to the rim of my baseball cap. “That’s a good omen. So, how’s the patient?”

“Ready for some of that pain relief you mentioned earlier,” I said, eying the bottle he was carrying. He handed it to me and graciously took it back when he realized I couldn’t manage to walk with crutches and carry wine at the same time. He waited for me to invite him in―a gentleman―and then stood back and motioned for me to go ahead in front of him.

As I hobbled forward and he followed me down the hallway, deeper into the apartment, an exciting energy filled the space between us. I felt his eyes on my ass. Oh yeah, he is checking me out!

“Nice crutches,” he commented with a laugh.

” Height of fashion,” I said, turning back to him. “I asked for blue, in honor of the NYPD, but no luck.”

It was then I noticed his tight jeans and the way his form-fitting, button-down, royal blue shirt, offset his ocean blue eyes. His broad shoulders and tall frame filled my hallway. And he was easily a foot taller than.

He moved with command and confidence. I caught sight of the splint on the thumb of his left hand. Ah, he was telling the truth. It’s not that his thought he was lying, it just seemed like such an odd coincidence that my broken toe led me to connect with a cop with a broken thumb that I needed to see it to believe it.

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Apple/iBooks: https://goo.gl/3isT1a
Barnes & Noble https://goo.gl/k9SsOR
Amazon http://amzn.to/2rbmH63

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