DETECTIVE HERCULES EXCERPT: Lizzy and the Hot Detective Kiss

DetectiveHercules.FBCover - Small

From Detective Hercules By A.C. Rose

Hot cop meets sexy radio personality and a NYC controversy of epic proportion ensues, along with a steamy love story.

He gazed up at me, a hint of wild desire peering through. “Now that I’m off duty, and now that we have crossed this bridge, there’s one thing I want to know.”

I sat up straighter. He had my full attention.

“What’s that, detective?” I spoke in my sexiest, smokiest come fuck me voice.

“What would it take,” he said, leaning forward, “to kiss you?”

The question traveled across the room like a bolt of sexual electricity and landed between my legs.

“It would take your lips, my lips, and about ten feet less space between us.”

He rose confidently and walked to my chair. He gently lifted my leg and kicked the ottoman to the side, lowering my foot to the floor. Then he knelt in front of me. He smiled as he removed my baseball cap and let my long dark hair tumble out. He leaned in closer, his face a millimeter away from mine, lips so close. He smelled like wine and passion.

Taking my cheeks into his hand, careful not to scratch me with his splint, he brought my face closer.  His lips came down on mine, warm and sweet, then he took my lower lip between his and gently sucked.


He pulled away, slightly dazed, and stared at me.

“That’s what I thought, just from hearing your voice,” he said, caressing my cheek. “That your kiss would mean something. And it does.”

He brought his lips back and softly brushed them against mine. Then he slid his tongue deep inside. The way he took over my mouth set off every erotic trigger in my body. The heat that had been building all day was all in this kiss.

My panties were wet. Very.

He stopped so we could both get some air.  I seized the moment.

”I think we should get naked now.” My lips still tingled.

He ran his finger through my hair affectionately and brushed it behind my ear.

“I’m not going to take advantage of injured women,” he laughed.  “Tempting as you may be, you have a fresh break and need to rest.”

I tried to reason. “I’m thinking an orgasm would be very healing.”

“Is that so?” He smiled.

A wild shiver of anticipation flowed through me as his lips moved to my ear, his breath warm against my flesh.

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