MY HOT COP New Cover Reveal


Sometimes the best way to forget about a man who causes you heart ache is to find a man who can make you ache with desire. A man who can make you tingle with excitement. A man who devotes himself to your pleasure.

In this steamy novelette, New York reporter Belle Anderson accepts a weekend assignment in Florida to take her mind off of the handsome surgeon that broke her heart.

She meets hot cop Lucas Jensen. He’s a take-charge, dirty talking Alpha who likes to use his handcuffs for pleasing pursuits. Lucas agrees to dominate Belle for one night of wild, uncensored passion, with one condition: She must let him take complete command of her body.

Everything he does and says helps heal her heart. But when he asks for more than one night, she wonders if the devoted attention of one powerful man truly help her forget her feelings for another?

This is a stand-alone novelette with a HFN ending. A fast, sexy summer read for 99 cents.

MY HOT COP by A.C. Rose

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‘How To Lasso A Real Cowboy’ is Live


I am excited to share that my new book, How to Lasso a Real Cowboy, is now available as an eBook on Amazon worldwide. Exciting!

Here’s a snippet from the intro:

Cowboys. There is just something about them that makes my temperature rise and puts a sizzle in the general vicinity of my underwear. I have always loved being around them. Heck, I have traveled the country, on assignment for various magazines and newspapers, in search of cowboy adventures. From working ranches to rodeos, cowboy bars to events in Western states, I’ve investigated how to lasso some cowboy loving.

After all, cowboys are the proverbial romantic fantasy men. I’ve admired them and their six-pack abs in romance books, sexy photos, and movies and, well, I wanted one. I longed to find out how a city girl like me, with very little experience in Western-style romance, could even hope to rope in a real romantic interlude with one of those hot, sexy, strong, protective, manly men in cowboy boots and hat.

Then, a national women’s magazine sent me on a fun assignment that brought me into the heart of the cowboy fantasy: the Miles City Bucking Horse Sale in Montana. Oh my, it was as if all the cowboys in the state and beyond were herded there for one big, long weekend.

The angle on my story was “how to meet and pick-up a cowboy.”

I may have had a sexy angle to cover, but I took my assignment seriously and did my best to bring back the true secrets to attracting a cowboy. While writing, I blended in the experience at The Miles City Bucking Horse Sale with many other experiences I’ve had over the years to come up with this short book that tells city gals everything they need to know to lasso a real cowboy of their own.

Happily, I experienced some cowboy romance that made this the best assignment, ever. And, well, it may not be over yet.

Hope you enjoy my story.
A.C. Rose

Smokin’ Hot told me a cowboy’s favorite way to make love is riding, slowly, on a horse. “You would climb on me naked, and we’d let the horse walk real slow. Every time its hoof goes down, I go in deeper,” he explained as I listened, enraptured and beginning to lubricate. “You ever done that?” – How to Lasso A Real Cowboy

You can order it around the world on Amazon. Here are some of the links.







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Video: Matt Bomer Hopes To Be In Magic Mike XXL-See His DETAILS Magazine Photo Shoot

For anyone heartbroken that Matt Bomer did not portray Mr. Grey, take consolation. He hopes to reprise his role as stripper Ken in Magic Mike XXL. Also, you can watch the above video of his photo shoot for the May 2014 cover of Details Magazine for a little bit of Matt’s dashing good looks! Sigh.

He told Details Magazine, “[Channing Tatum] is so great and gracious and [Matthew McConaughey] was such a great leader that everybody had a great time. So if it were to come together under the right circumstances with a good script, which I’m sure [Reid Carolin] is putting together, it’ll be really fun to do.”

During the cover shoot for Details, Bomer was inevitably asked about Fifty Shades of Grey. He said he had “no idea” why he was seen as a frontrunner for Christian Grey. “Obviously, I’m incredibly flattered that so many people thought of me. To be honest with you, I’ve never read any of the books so I don’t know what it was that tipped people off that way or made them think of me, but it was sort of like this really strange and interesting cloud that came in and went away I guess. I’m sure it’s great though. I bet the movie is going to be amazing.”

Of his costars in “White Collar” he says:”[Channing Tatum] is so great and gracious and [Matthew McConaughey] was such a great leader that everybody had a great time,” he said. “So if it were to come together under the right circumstances with a good script, which I’m sure [Reid Carolin] is putting together, it’ll be really fun to do.” “Those guys, we had such a criminally good time working together. It was like a band of thieves really,” he said. “We just hit it off. It was such an ensemble mentality, which didn’t have to be the case under those circumstances.”

Bomer’s next role is in The Normal Heart on HBO.

New Magic Mike Movie Due in July 2015


Channing Tatum’s stripper with a heart of gold will be back on July 3, 2015, according to CNN.

And hopefully he will be bringing all his hot, half naked friends.

The first Magic Mike in 2012, also starred Matthew McConaughey, Matt Bomer, Joe Manganiello and Alex Pettyfer.

* Tatum told CNN he thinks the the same crew of hotties will return but not all details are settled yet.

* The new film will move the action from Florida clubs and be a road trip movie.

* Instead of calling it Magic Mike 2 it will be “Magic Mike XXL.”

* Tatum is writing and producing “XXL” with Reid Carolin.

* Gregory Jacobs directing.

The drug issues and dark side of Magic Mike will not be in part 2.

“We don’t want to make some dark drama” Tatum told reporters. “There was some darkness in the last movie and I think it surprised people and shocked people. This one, we want to have a lot of conflict and a lot of struggle, but we also want there to be a shit ton of fun. A shit ton of ridiculous stuff that you would never see in a movie, on the face of the earth, ever again”.

Men Are Posting Photos of Penises In Socks for Cancer Awareness

enhanced-12481-1395833826-1 - Copy

By A. Charlotte Rose

Buzzfeed and many other sites reported on a really cool trend this week.

Men are taking pictures of their penises in socks and posting them on the internet with the hashtag #cockinasock to raise awareness for testicular cancer.

Men of all sizes (sock sizes, that is!), shapes, shades, and sexual persuasions are whipping out their sex organs and stashing them in socks.

They are taking selfies, they are getting a helping photo assist from friends and lovers, and they are posing in groups. Groups of naked men… with socks dangling from their privates. And some of the socks are very long!

Some of these guys are very hot. And sincere. I mean, they wouldn’t just expose themselves if it weren’t for a good cause, right?

The reason behind the social media phenomenon is to inspire men to have a cancer screening check-up, and or, to inspire their lovers to remind them.

See A LOT of penises in socks photos here

HERE IS A NEW LINK: The Best of Cock-in-a-Sock Photos from The Daily Grind.

NEW: Hot Tattoo Guy and others in The Hollywood Gossip.

This enthusiastic participation of naked men was apparently inspired by last weeks breast cancer awareness “no make-up selfie” trend, where women were taking self-photographs without their makeup. In honor of testicular cancer awareness month, men are taking photos without their pants. It’s only fair.

The trend started on Instagram, but the photo sharing site reportedly blocked the tag #cockinasock and deleted the photos, but restored them later in the day. As Buzzfeed explained: “Apparently Instagram has unblocked the #cockinasock hashtag AKA more proof that God is real and a gay man or a straight woman. Amen.”

Fast Company explained the trend this way: “Finally, there’s a socially acceptable reason for men to take pictures of their penises and post them to the Internet: The latest trend on Instagram and Twitter is #cockinasock, and it’s intended to raise awareness for testicular cancer. As the name implies, guys hang a sock from their nether regions, post the pic online, and add the hashtag in hopes that someone will be inspired to go to the doctor for a checkup.”

There is still a Facebook and Twitter page that are both added to daily.

God bless the men who have bravely exposed their private parts in the name of cancer awareness.

Video: ‘Divergent’ Star Theo James on ‘Chelsea Lately’ Talking About His Killer Climax

Theo James is so adorable and this interview is so funny.

Remember, before he was Four, in “Divergent,” he experienced death by Sex with Lady Mary on Downton Abbey.

He played the Turkish dimplomat’s son who sneaked into her room, took her virginity, and had to be carried out!

All the women swooned when he rode up on a horse.