Is It Wrong to Peek at Jamie Dornan’s Privates?


Naked photos of Jamie Dornan are on the Internet for all to see. He apparently has no issues baring his penis. He has been quoted as saying he is completely comfortable with nudity.

That’s a good thing if you are starring as Christian Grey.

With the release of the official Fifty Shades of Grey movie trailer this Thursday, everyone is going to be interested in seeing Jamie Dornan naked, right?

Most of us have seen us at least almost naked. Or in his undies. Definitely with his chest bared. Often in sexy poses with hot women.

And some of us have already seen his, um, penis, right?

Yes, because it has been posted on the internet for years.

We found the photos back when Jamie was announced as Christian Grey. But I never posted or shared.

I have held off in the past because I thought it may be considered tacky.

But perhaps it is time since the fan site has revealed several of them. They are sharing a naked shoot by Alas & Piggott in their online gallery.

Jamieposed for these photos so I guess it is okay to share. Jamie posed for these so he must be very comfortable in his own body and in his own sexuality.

You can find a clear shot of the new Christian Grey’s lower extremities here.

He is a beautiful man and has a beautiful body.

Don’t shoot the messenger for being tacky. We are just sharing the news.

First Official Movie Still from ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’

christian-grey official still

Happy Birthday, Mr. Grey.

According to Fifty Shades of Grey, Christian Grey was born June 18th, 1983. He would be 32 today.

To celebrate his birthday, the first official movie still from the Fifty Shades of Grey film adaption has been released on the book’s official fan pages, on E.L. James’ fan page, and on instagram.

The photo shows star Jamie Dornan at the wheel of his car. We all know the things that went on in that car!

Read about a June 18th Gemini here.

Read more about Christian Grey’s humble beginnings.

Jamie Dornan Needs Time Out From Tying Women Up


Jamie Dornan has had a whirlwind 12 months.

He got married, had a baby, landed the role of Christian Grey, shot the movie under much public scrutiny, starred in THE FALL and shot season 2, starred in NEW WORLDS, as well as the movie FLYING HOME, and won big awards.

He’s a little tired, he told the Guardian UK in a piece published Monday, April 21.

“Right now I don’t need to work if there’s nothing that I want to do. I’ve done three jobs back to back. Let’s see how they are received. If there’s nothing I want to do, I’ll just play golf and change [diapers].”

FIFTY SHADES OF GREY is of course the project we are all waiting for. He admits between FIFTY and THE FALL, he has picked up some new rope tricks.

“There are a couple of classic knots I know now,” he told the Guardian, “and I’ve put them to good use far too many times recently. In fact I’d like to do a job where I don’t have to tie women to beds.”

Of course readers are hoping he gets his tying-to-a-bed mojo back in time to shoot FIFTY SHADES OF GREY movie 2.


Fun Video: Jamie Dornan and Cast of New Worlds Glamour UK Interview

This is an adorable video of Jamie Dornan and the cast members on New Worlds which debuts this month on the BBC.

The video includes Jamie Dornan, Freya Mavor, Alice Englert and Joe Dempsie talking about New Worlds and their characters.

They did a photo shoot for Glamour UK and a kind of spontaneous interview. Really fun to watch. Will make you smile.

Video: Hear Jamie Dornan Sing ‘Fairytale’ With Sons of Jim

This video from 2005 shows Jamie Dornan singing FAIRYTALE with his group, Sons of Jim. Is there anything he can’t do?

Sons of Jim is a Belfast, Ireland group made up of Jamie Dornan and David Alexander.

Amazing that Jamie would go one to play the Sheriff in ‘Once Upon a Time’ on ABC and also star in our favorite adult fairytale, Fifty Shades of Grey.

Give a listen. What do you think?