Hilarious Video! Gay Men Analyze ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’

You have to watch this video, “Fifty Shades of Gay.”

I am laughing my ass off. Someone gathered a group of gay men to read from and comment on Fifty Shades of Grey. Their natural reaction to talking about Christian Grey’s erection, Ana Steele’s “sex,” blow jobs, anal beads, and all the eroticism in the book is hilarious.

Interview With Jonah Falcon Owner of World’s Largest Penis

I did not do this interview with Jonah Falcon. It was in Salon.

You can read it here.

The interview does not have a photo of Jonah Falcon’s penis, which is huge. Really huge.

So I had to look it up. And share it. Here is is. Graphic. Must be over 18 to click.

Then I got curious about him so did a little more research. Apparently he is a writer and actor who measured his penis one day and and was on an HBO special about big penises.