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FALLING HARD FOR FIFTY: A Tribute to the Sexy Book That Stole Our Hearts

Falling Hard for Fifty Subtitle

Did you read Fifty Shades of Grey and find yourself gripped by the story? Did you experience a deep state of longing, desire, and arousal, and even fantasize about being with a man like Mr. Christian Grey? Did you ride the roller coaster of kinky sex and love to the conclusion and then feel lost in the biggest “book hangover” ever?

Me too. And I could not believe how deeply the story and Mr. Grey got under my skin. Curious, I began to research exactly what it was about Fifty Shades that made us dive in so deeply and fall (in love) so hard.

FALLING HARD FOR FIFTY is a tribute book for curious fans. It began as a research paper for a psychology course and turned into a personal and journalistic mission!  This book is for you if you are still a little obsessed with Mr. Grey.




HOW TO LASSO A REAL COWBOY: A City Girl’s Guide to Western-Style Romance



In this fun romantic story, where journalism blends with romantic storytelling, you will meet a Smokin’ Hot Cowboy and learn how to lasso one of your own. If you love sexy cowboys, you will love Smokin’ Hot, and his approach to sensual love making.

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